Community Resources

Explore our resource guides below to find what you need for your situation.

Experiencing homelessness?

If you are living in your car, the woods, a train station, behind a building, or another place that is not built for human habitation, find resources here

If you are living in emergency shelter or were placed in a motel by Department of Social Services, find resources here

Resource Guides

Includes mental health, substance use treatment, anger management, peer support and other resources.


Housing Stability Plan


Always first ensure immediate safety.

Immediate needs

Get what you need right now, such as shelter, food, clothing, and more.


Find your options through problem solving and resource exploration.

Create a housing plan and an action plan.

Prepare for your transition in to housing.


Set goals, work through trauma, give back to your community and advocate.

What is chronic homelessness?

A chronically homeless household has been living on the street or in shelter for longer than one year and has a permanent disability

Check if you or someone you know meet the definition and complete a referral form to enter our coordinated entry system. 

Moving In

Emergency Housing Vouchers

Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) have been issued to approximately 450 homeless households throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County. The application process is now closed.

If households have been issued EHVs and have questions about the process contact Rose Cicchetti by clicking the link below.