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About Us

The Long Island Continuum of Care is designated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to oversee the regional strategy for ending homelessness. The Continuum of Care envisions a community in which all members have access to safe, decent, and appropriate housing options. 

If you have any questions, concerns, requests or suggestions related to CoC Services please reach out to  

If you are a non-profit which serves the homeless on Long Island and are interested in becoming a CoC member click the link below.


who we are

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is a local planning body tasked by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to coordinate housing and services for homeless people in a specific region. There can be only one CoC within a specific geography, and that CoC must determine a lead agency to manage its Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), submit its annual application for funding to HUD, and monitor CoC-funded program performance. In Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless (LICH) is the CoC lead. As the CoC lead, LICH oversees the region’s HMIS, submits the annual regional application for funding from HUD, and monitors the performance of Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive Housing programs in the region.

Join our Continuum 

All CoC Business Meetings are virtual and open to the public. 

Ending Homelessness on
long Island 

Over 18 agencies receive funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Continuum of Care (CoC). These agencies manage over 24 permanent housing programs:

Inclusiveness & Diversity

"Our local Continuum of Care is dedicated to creating inclusive, diverse, transparent and accessible environments for all community members to connect, learn, advocate, provide feedback and ideas, and participate in the process of governance and policy-making and other action committees and groups seeking to address homelessness. The feedback of community members is always encouraged and invaluable to our goal of ending homelessness on Long Island. In particular, we are actively seeking participation and feedback from people that are experiencing homelessness on Long Island or have formerly experienced homelessness on Long Island; organizations and advocates serving culturally specific communities experiencing homelessness (Black, Latino, Indigenous, other people of color); and other populations that are overrepresented in our homeless system such as persons with disabilities, LGBT youth, and those entering homelessness as a result of being released from jails and prisons."

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