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Once Stably Housed...

Set New Goals- Focus on the things you could not when you did not have stable housing:

Work on being the best and happiest version of you

Set new goals such as employment, education, volunteerism, hobbies

Spend meaningful time with the people that you care about, and that care about you the most

Do not be ashamed. Homeless is the result of failed systems in place, not of individual failure.

Believe in yourself. Whether you see it right now or not, you are strong and resilient. Obstacles will make you faster, stronger, and wiser. 

Keep Working Through Trauma:

Continue to create support systems through family, friends, and community

Seek professional counseling, guidance, support groups, and other outlets

Understand your triggers and how your emotions affect your behavior

Find new ways to release pain, anger, and stress

Elevating the Voices and Experiences of those Facing Homelessness:

Have I been an active advocate for affordable housing development and increases in homeless service dollars so less people find themselves in that situation in the future?

Have I called my local Legislator's office asking about resources for someone in my situation? Have I posed questions in different community forums about resources that may exist?

Have I considered participating on a homeless planning committee or action group to elevate the voices of those most impacted by homelessness? 

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