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What Is a COC?

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is as a network of local stakeholders that works together to reduce homelessness in that area, in the following ways:

  • Development of local strategies and policies

  • Training, community education and advocacy

  • Assistance with obtaining local funds and capacity

  • Ensuring equitable access to scarce resources

  • Data tracking of local outcomes and reporting

The CoC forms a charter, governing body, committees, and working groups to focus on specific areas of homelessness.

CoC is also a federal funding stream that provides local funding for permanent housing programs, regional planning, homeless database administration, and a centralized housing referral and placement program. 

The NY-603 Long Island Continuum of Care is a network of stakeholders across Suffolk and Nassau counties, and CoC funds support the operations of permanent housing programs for people experiencing homelessness in Suffolk and Nassau.

The goals of a CoC are to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness, reduce the amount of time people experience homelessness, reduce returns to homelessness, and prevent homelessness in the first place whenever possible.

The CoC has formed many different committees and working groups to focus on specific aspects of homelessness.

The CoC holds monthly public meetings and shares monthly newsletters with updates on homelessness, funding, training, and resources.

The CoC conducts an annual homeless count with volunteer teams that survey people living on the street about their situations and needs.

The CoC has a website, email list, Facebook page, Instagram page, and LinkedIn.


The CoC strives to create a governing body that is diverse and inclusive and includes key stakeholders and decision-makers, as well as community members and people with lived experience of homelessness.

Inclusiveness & Diversity

"Our local Continuum of Care is dedicated to creating inclusive, diverse, transparent and accessible environments for all community members to connect, learn, advocate, provide feedback and ideas, and participate in the process of governance and policy-making and other action committees and groups seeking to address homelessness. The feedback of community members is always encouraged and invaluable to our goal of ending homelessness on Long Island. In particular, we are actively seeking participation and feedback from people that are experiencing homelessness on Long Island or have formerly experienced homelessness on Long Island; organizations and advocates serving culturally specific communities experiencing homelessness (Black, Latino, Indigenous, other people of color); and other populations that are overrepresented in our homeless system such as persons with disabilities, LGBT youth, and those entering homelessness as a result of being released from jails and prisons."

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