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Keys To The New Place

Move-In Assistance

If you have already found a unit to move in to, but need assistance gathering the funds to move, check out the resources on this page. 

Department of Social Services (DSS) One-Shot Deal

The One Shot Deal Emergency Assistance program helps people who cannot meet an expense due to an unexpected situation or event. This can include move in money (1st months rent, security, and broker's fee if applicable) if you are homeless or facing eviction. These funds can also be used if you have had your utilities disconnected or pending termination, fire disaster, domestic violence, or other circumstances that affect the health and safety of the individual or family. Call or visit your local DSS office to apply. 

Nassau DSS: (516) 227-8519
Suffolk DSS: (631) 853-8714


Nassau Suffolk Law Services Public Benefits Unit provides legal assistance to persons who experience problems with public benefits programs which are administered by the local Departments of Social Services such as TANF, Safety Net,  Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), Child Care Assistance, HEAP, emergency shelter for the homeless and other emergency assistance programs.

NSLS also assists homeless families to obtain Rent Supplements from DSS which enable families to leave the shelters or retain permanent housing.

Nassau residents: 516-292-8100
Suffolk residents: 631-232-2400

Members of St. Vincent de Paul are based in “Conferences”, which are usually parish-based. Each Conference serves those in need in the area surrounding it. Each conference helps people in their service area in different ways. They may provide assistance with move in funds, utility bills, rental or mortgage assistance, clothing, or furniture.

Click here to request assistance online

The rental supplement plan (RSP) helps provides a fixed amount towards their monthly rent (dependent on household size) to households exiting shelter or facing imminent homelessness and are otherwise eligible. Households must apply through Department of Social Services.

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