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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care (CoC) committees play a crucial role in addressing homelessness by focusing on specific aspects of the issue. These committees are tasked with tasks such as assessing community needs, coordinating services, evaluating program effectiveness, and advocating for policy changes. By bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, including government agencies, service providers, and community organizations, CoC committees work collaboratively to develop and implement strategies to prevent and end homelessness in their respective communities.

If you are interested in joining one of our Continuum of Care committees or learning more,

Please reach out directly to our Continuum of Care Planning and Coordination Staff: here

The CoC Business meeting is a general body meeting where housing providers, community-based organizations, local government entities, persons with lived experiences, and members of the community come together to discuss regional updates on our homeless response system, funding opportunities, housing availability and successes, upcoming events and trainings, share resources, and data-related information. This meeting is open to the general public and meets monthly on the 3rd Friday at 9am. Meetings are virtual at this time. 

Legislative Committee

This committee aims to raise community/political will on imperative homelessness and related issues in Long Island. Additionally, the Legislative Committee advocates for increased funding dedicated to the availability of homeless housing/affordable housing in this region.

CoC Governance Board

Governance Board members are elected  through a nomination process and majority vote of the CoC. The Governance Board is responsible for making recommendations and voting on CoC policies and procedures. Our current board consists of: The CoC lead, Persons with Lived Experiences, Nassau and Suffolk Department of Social Services, Rapid Rehousing Providers, Permanent Supportive Housing Providers, Youth Providers, Veteran Providers, Mental Health Service Providers, etc.

The Governance Board meets monthly on the 3rd Friday after the CoC Business Meeting. Meetings are virtual at this time. 

CE Steering Committee

The CE Steering Committee meets quarterly to discuss the housing prioritization process which includes: creating a local assessment tool, making recommendations for the local prioritization and who will be served, etc. 

CoC Ranking Committee

This committee which consists of non-CoC program funded stakeholders and providers, determines the order of funding for eligible projects. Additionally, the Ranking Committee is responsible for staying current on priority areas as outlined by HUD and ensures that project ranking criteria aligns with the priority areas in order to increase annual grant awards.

CoC Governance Workgroup

This workgroup or committee will be made up of stakeholders within our Continuum, including members of the Governance Board and/or Committees, CoC member agency representatives, and persons with lived experiences of homelessness. The purpose of this workgroup is to discuss the CoC governance structure and recommend changes to the governance structure that will improve decision making processes that affect our response system for people experiencing homelessness. 


If you are interested in joining one of our Continuum of Care subcommittees or learning more,

Please reach out directly to our Continuum of Care Planning and Coordination Staff: here

Hover over the underlined committee to learn more about that committee 

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