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Referral for
Chronically Homeless Unsheltered Households

Documenting Length of Time Homeless:

Shelter stays can be verified by LICH, using the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database.

Time living unsheltered must be documented by a third party in most cases (street outreach team, drop-in center/food pantry, police, business owners, and others that directly observe you to be living on the street for a period of time).

For households in DV shelters, shelters should provide third party letters to The Safe Center LI at the time of referral. 

Documenting a Permanent Disability:

Recent copy of SSI awards letter that states in the letter that it is for disability and/or, there is a "DI" coder on the top right of the letter.

A third party letter from a medical professional that is able to treat and diagnose your disability. The letter must clearly state the following about the disability and how it impacts you:

  • Is expected to be long-continuing or of indefinite duration; and

  • Substantially impedes their ability to live independently; and

  • Could be improved by the provision of more suitable housing conditions.

Please Email:
Jessica Labia, CES Manager for further questions 

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