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Holding Hands

Fleeing Domestic Violence

If you are actively fleeing violence in your home (which can include domestic violence, sexual assault(s), dating violence, stalking, or human trafficking) as as a result, have nowhere to go and no other resources to not become homeless,

call The Safe Center Long Island

Domestic Violence Crisis Hotlines & Services

LIADV provides a range of services to help adults and children on Long Island escape domestic violence including shelter, counseling, legal services, vocational training and more. Their hotline provides 24-hour support.


This human service agency dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic violence. The agency serves victims from Suffolk and Nassau counties. Brighter Tomorrows is committed to listening, believing & helping victims of domestic violence by providing shelter, counseling, and legal advocacy.


SEPA Mujer advocates for immigrant women on Long Island and provides victim assistance programs including a hotline, sexual assault survivors support group and case management services. Their 24/7 Spanish language hotline aims to help victims of gender-based violence, hate crimes, and wage theft. 


This free, confidential hotline is answered 24/7 by trained victim advocates who can provide you with information and crisis counseling on the phone. If you need or want in-person or follow-up services, you will be referred to your local rape crisis program for those services


If you need to report child abuse our maltreatment, use the phone number below. If you believe a child is in immediate danger, call 911. 


Financial assistance and support groups available.

Click link above for request forms.


VIBS provides individual and group mental health counseling services over the phone, in-office, telehealth, and 24-hour emergency services for victims in crisis. Bilingual and deaf services are available. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.


SCCADV has a hotline you can call to receive help and a website with information on domestic violence.


Adult protective Services investigates referrals of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of adults aged 18 years and older. 


HARLI provides the following services for victims of domestic violence: legal advocacy, case management, lawyer and counseling referrals, and housing assistance. Available to East End residents.


The Retreat provides counseling, legal services, case management, and prevention education. Their hotline and online chat services provide multi-lingual and deaf crisis support 24/7. 


The Helpline offers information, referrals to resources for further help, and emotional support. The Helpline is bilingual, calls can be anonymous, confidentiality is respected. The Women's Helpline is available from 8:30AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday.



This organization assists when children who have been physically or sexually abused.


Suffolk County


Nassau County

Círculo de la Hispanidad provides a range of Spanish/English services to assist individuals affected by violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence. Support includes case management, support groups, advocacy, counseling, crisis intervention services, safety planning, education, transitional and permanent housing as well as ancillary services. For more information, contact the Hempstead office and ask for the Salva Program.

(516) 292-2433

To request help in case of elder or dependent adult abuse our maltreatment in Nassau County by using the phone numbers below to call Adult Protective Services.


Nights & weekends: 516-227-8386


Resources for victims of crime 

Nassau County Family Court

File family offense petitions


Nassau County Police Department 

Main number: 516-573-8800

Emergency: 911

Parents for Megan's Law: Crime Victims Center



24 hour Hotline:

Hate crime hotline:

Sex offender tip line: 855-PFML-TIP

Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs


Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm 


Provides consultation and dental treatment to restore the smiles of domestic violence survivors


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